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We provide land surveying services tailored for property owners, builders, architects, and engineers from Auckland to Whangarei.

Whether you are:

  • Defining new or existing boundaries
  • Planning a construction or land development project
  • Updating legal property titles

Our skilled team is equipped to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Our Expertise

Surveying is more than just measuring land; it's about ensuring that every development or construction project sits on a solid foundation of precise, reliable data.

Here’s how we can help:

Topographic Surveys: Create a detailed site plan depicting significant features and levels.

Boundary Marking and Redefinition: Precisely mark and define property boundaries for construction or dispute resolution.

Land Transfer and Cadastral Surveys: Establish new lot boundaries and prepare legal documentation for property titles.

Easement Surveys: Define and document rights of use over property for utilities or access.

Building Set-Out and Certification: Establish exact building locations for construction approval and regulatory compliance.

Height in Relation to Boundary Certification: Verify building heights relative to property boundaries to ensure planning compliance.

Levelling and Monitoring Surveys: Monitor and record land movement to inform construction safety and maintenance.

As-built Surveys: Document exact locations of new infrastructure post-construction for accurate records.

Cross Lease and Unit Title Surveys: Update or convert property titles to maximise property value and legal clarity.

Aerial Surveying (UAV): Quickly survey large areas using drone technology to produce detailed 3D models for planning.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you're planning a new development, defining boundaries, or ensuring compliance with local regulations, we have the surveying expertise you need.

Reach out today to get clarity on your land surveying project.


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