Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision & Land Development is at the core of Horizon. We are involved from inception right through to completion. We start with the lot layout design and resourcing consent, which includes infrastructure design and reporting. As a firm of land development specialists, we understand the importance of research to governing parameters of the site, this includes services, geotechnical, landscaping and traffic impacts. We are happy to involve ourselves in teams as part of this process and have an excellent relationship with many specialist sub consultants that can be brought in to assist when required.

Our land development team are heavily involved in the resource consenting process. They utilise modern software and three-dimensional modelling packages which allows quick and efficient design and rationalisation of design to ensure the best product for our client. We are a small, but well-experienced team, that punches above our weight, we can offer our clients excellent design results.

We are always looking at cost effective and practical solutions. A few extra hours of consultation at the design phase on an alternative solution could be a significant saving during the construction phase yet still achieve the desired outcomes.

Once the resource consent is achieved it is time to complete the detailed designs, apply for construction consents, and organise a contractor to undertake the physical works if required.

We can assist you in ensuring that the project finishes both on time and on budget, meeting the various requirements of resource consents to ensure the project finishes with the release of titles as quickly as possible after the completion of construction activities.

Our survey team who started the project will then finish it with the legal survey marking the new boundaries and preparing the new title plan. The final step is certification and approval from the Council and Land Information NZ.

Land development, inner-city re-development and subdivision are not for the fainthearted, however, Horizon are experts in these fields with considerable experience, a big advantage in choosing our team.